Sunday, November 30, 2014


Hey guys so I am so happy to eventually have a new post up! I wanted to style up these distressed jeans that I purchased in Forever21 recently. They are a kind of mom jean/ boyfriend jean hybrid as they don't sit up as high on the waist as your traditional mom jean. I would suggest trying on these jeans in store as I have found Forever21 jeans to run quite big in the past! I wanted to keep this look super simple. This is totally something I would wear to college as its comfortable and easy to just throw on in the morning         (especially if you have a 9am lecture!). The top and bag are both from Penny's and were super inexpensive. The backpack is great but a little bit small for college but I find it so much more comfortable to carry around than a handbag or satchel. Keep an eye out for my next post where I style up these jeans for a night out look. Anyways thank you for checking out my blog, I will list all the items featured below!


Top, Bag & Shoes - Pennys/Primark
Jeans - Forever21 
Headphones - Beats by Dre

Sarah x

Friday, November 7, 2014

All that that glitters isn't gold

So to be honest I didn't even realize that this had posted to my blog! I have my Ployvore and Blogger linked so whenever I post to Polyvore it automatically posts here. I've been super busy with college at the moment. I'm studying marketing and have to do an internship next year so I've been doing a ton of research into places that offer them. I'd love to do a fashion internship and have my sights set on London but as you can imagine it's pretty difficult to secure yourself a year long, paid internship in the fashion industry! 
Anyways I've been loving Kim Kardashians style at the moment. You can say what you want about the girl but she sure has style! Haha. But I suppose when you've got as much money as she does it would be kind of hard not to look good! So this look is a bit of an ode to Kim K herself! I adore the shoes! They are the exact ones Kylie featured on her Instagram a while back. All the pieces are wayy out of my price range but a girl can dream right..? 
If you want some more Kardashian inspired looks I would recommend checking out Styledbybreanna on Instagram.
That's it from me! As always thanks for checking out my blog!

All that that glitters isnt gold

Sarah x