Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Spotlight On : Pull & Bear

So I've decided to start a little series in which I take a look at some of the high-street/ online stores that are killin' it in the style stakes! I'm not too sure how often I will be adding installments, I suppose I will do a post if the brands/stores collection inspires me to do so. I want to kick this thing off with Pull & Bear whose current AW collection is ticking all the right boxes in my book! I have never exactly shopped in P&B all that much as in the past I have found that they tend to cater to those with a more laid back, casual style, think comfy jumpers, printed t's and jeans (not that there is anything wrong with that but its just not very "me"). However over the past while I have found myself wandering in there more and more often. Last week I popped in and was blown away by the amount of pieces that were just calling my name. I didn't end up buying anything there and then (I'm trying to put a stop to my impulse buying habit!) however I couldn't help picking up one particular coat online a few days later! So here are a few of my favorite bits which are all either in-store or online now! I will link everything just in-case you see something you like! 

So this is the coat that I purchased. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it in store. I am a huge fan of oversized coats at the moment and love that this one comes all the way down to about mid shin. It defiantly has a boyish feel so if your a fan of a more feminine silhouette this is probably not the best option for you. 
Available here

I was totally lusting after these black boots but unfortunately I couldn't justify owning seven pairs of black ankle boots! But if you are looking for a new pair then I would highly recommend these. They look super sleek on which is something I like in boots. The oversized flap details adds another dimension to the look without adding bulk. The best part is that they are currently on sale for €69.99! 
Available Here!

This top is totally Acne inspired which is reason enough to buy it but the statement is just perfect for those of us out their who love out Instagram or Twitter! #loveit
P.S. it could totally double as a Christmas jumper for those of us who aren't diggin the reindeer and baubles look! 
Available here!

Another jacket that I just had to add in! This is soo comfy and soft in person and is sure to keep you warm during the cold winter months! Lumberjack chic at its best!
Available here!

Nike Air Forse 1's anyone?!! I'm slowly getting in to the whole fashionable trainer look and have to say if I was do rock the trend it would be in a pair of Air Forces. But if your into the look but don't want to drop €80 on a pair then these are a great dupe!
Available here!

This jacket is another favorite of mine. It defiantly is giving me Acne vibez and I love it! It has sports luxe feel with the hoodie-esque look. It is on the pricier side at €100 but if youve got the cash I think this is a super cool piece that can be both dressed up and down.
Available here

This last piece is perfect for winter. Pair it with some tights or even thigh-high booties (but make sure they aren't leather! leather on leather = oh no honey!) I'm diggin' the burgundy mixed with the pleather especially in this shirt dress style. I also think that this could look super cute with a shirt underneath if you want to layer the look. 
Available here

I hope you enjoyed this post. Just thought I'd try something different! All images are courtesy of the Pull & Bear website. Feel free to let me know what pieces your loving from the collection down below! 

Sarah x

Monday, December 1, 2014

What Ever

Hey guys so I'm back with the second half of this post. For this look I wanted to style up these jeans for a night out look. I of course went with all black which is pretty much all I wear especially for a night on the town ( I don't even think I own going out dress that isn't black!) This look is perfect if you want to go for something different than your typical dress or playsuit and is great for the colder months as it keeps you covered from head to toe! The top, clutch and heels are all from Newlook and the longline blazer is from Primark. If you wanted to achieve a more feminine silhouette you could add a belt or even switch out the boyfriend cut for a more fitted trouser or even a pencil skirt.  
Seeing as the look its self is pretty simple you could play up your makeup to add some drama to the look! I think a cranberry eye and lip would add an effortlessly cool vibe to this look! If your looking for some makeup inpo I would recommend checking out Carli Bybel on YouTube. This girls is totally stunning and has quickly become one of my favorite Beauty Volggers. 
Anyways thanks for checking out my blog! 

Sarah x 

Top - Newlook, Available here.
Clutch - Newlook, Available here.
Heels - Newlook, Similar here.
Jeans - Forever21, Available here.
Blazer - Primark.