Monday, June 23, 2014

Barcelona Baby!

I must admit I really did think that I would get a ton of blogging material during my recent trip to Barcelona but unfortunately that was not the case! As a typical Irish person I found the 30 degree weather to be a tad overwhelming at times (to say the least!!). I do plan on getting some oitfit posts done soon but trying to put together outfits in that heat was just impossible (for me anyway!) haha.  I had such an amazing time in Barcelona and would love to go back there again. It is an amazing city with so much to see and do. Anyways here are a few pictures of the trip they are all taken using my iphone so excise the crappy quality we didnt bring the camera on too many outings as it is pretty heavy and bulky! Thanks for checking out my blog and check out the end of this post for my top 5 tips for visiting Barcelona! 

Top 5 Tips...

1. Get a T10 metro card. The T10 allows you 10 journeys on the metro,bus and overground trains within the space of ~2months. It costs €10.30 and most metro journeys alone cost €2.15 so it saves you a ton! 

2. Accomodation. Seeing as Barcelona is pretty much a city break destination accomodation can be pretty pricy especially if your on a budget. I would recommend checking out HouseTrip as it can work out super cheap! (We paid €100 each for 6 nights in a central location!)

3. Get used to the metro! Barcelona is a pretty big city and getting around can be a bit of a pain especially in the heat, so the metro can come in super handy! 

4. Plan. Its definatly important to plan out what your doing for the day. Its easy to end up wandering around a big city and end up doing pretty much nothing! This is fine for a day but you dont wan to end up missing all that Barcelona has to offer! Check out Timeout Barcelona for some reccomendations.

5. Research. There are soo many places to eat in barcelona with a resteraunt on every street it can become overwhelming when dinner time hits! For that reason its a good idea to look up some of Barcelonas Foodie hotspots so that you get the best that the city has to offer! (look out for spots where the locals tend to eat that way you can ensure a delish authentic Spanish dish!) 

Sarah x

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