Thursday, January 23, 2014


Though I have only recently started blogging myself I have had an interest in it for some time now. Over the past number of years I have came across countless numbers of fashion blogs and yet there are only a select few that I follow. I personally enjoy following bloggers with whom I share a similar style. I take much of my style inspiration from these bloggers and for that reason I wanted to share a few of my favourite blogs with you.

1. I Dress Myself

I first came across Yanin on her Youtube channel and subscribed without hesitation. Not only is her style simply flawess but she is beautiful and seems very down to earth.


2. Love Aesthetics
Ivania is pretty much the queen of minimalism. Her style is always on point. She sticks to a black, white and grey colour scheme which is totally up my street. She makes a lot of her own pieces and shares the DIY's on her blog which is great for those who are crafty enough to give them a go!


3. India Rose
I first came accross India's pictures on tumber and was captivated by her style which again is quite minimalistic but with a more urban twist. She wears very structured pieces and keeps to a monochrome colour pallet. Overall her look is quite urban-chic with an expencive feel that I just love!


                                  Sarah x

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  1. such a nice inspiration *_* your blog is very lovely and interesting. i`m glad if you visit my blog, too <3