Thursday, January 23, 2014


So yesterday I made I very first purchase from lush. I have recieved some bath bombs as presents from there in the past but I had never purchased something myself from there. I had had my eye on the Love Lettuce Fresh Facemask for some time now and eventually decided to go ahead and pick it up. I have yet to try it out but I am very excited to as it claims to remove dirt and oil form the skin whilst softening and brightening it. What more could you want! I have tested a small amout on the back of my hand and i have to say that it feels somewhat rough (it's an exfoliant too) so it may not be the best choise for sensitive skin!
I also picked up the Dream Cream Shower Smoothie which I have tried before and absolutely LOVED! It acts as a sort of cleanser for the body removing any dirt and oil leaving the skin feeling truely clean! It doesnt have a very pungent smell just a slight hint of rose.
Lastly I picked up a eyeshadow brush from H&M just before popping into M.A.C to pick up a tester for the Studio Fix Fluid. I tried out the brush this morning and I have nothing but good things to say about it. It was super cheap, only €3.95, as far as I can remember! The brush is super soft and it applied the eyeshadow flawlessly. As it has a slight dome shape its great for using in the crease. I used it to create a brown smokey eye this morning and was more than happy with the results (please note that I am in no way skilled when it comes to makeup so creating a smokey eye with ease was somewhat of a miracle for me!!) As for the M.A.C testers I had the studio fix fluid before and was less than impressed! I was matched up to a NC25 which was far to dark and yellow toned for my skin. Never the less I continually hear great things about this foundation and decided I'd give it another try. A lovely girl called Jessy helped to match me to a NW13.  The shade is much better on my skin however I still feel that the foundation is still too heavy for my personal taste. It is a great foundation if full coverage is what your looking for. Just be sure that you get matched up correctly I'd recommend getting a tester beforehand and trying it out to see how you like it before investing!

Sarah x

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