Saturday, April 12, 2014

C'est Chic

So recently I've been noticing a lot of European tourists around town (particularly French and German) and I have to say I'm in love with their dress sense. It's just so effortless, very minimal and classic. I read an article a while back (which for the life of me I cant find!) in which the author commented on the over the top attire of many fashion week attendees over the past few fashion weeks and I have to say I had to agree with her. In the article she pointed out how the majority of the French bloggers, journalists, stylists and so on, who attended sported a much more understated look that didn't in anyway scream "Look at me I'm here attending fashion week, take pictures of me". 
     I defiantly think I identify more with this effortlessly chic look. It is just far more appealing to me. No over done makeup, crazy prints and bold colours, I really think we ought to start paying more attention to French street style cause those girls know whats up! haha.  
I found the pictures below here and I think that they perfectly illustrate the simplistic yet interesting nature of French fashion.

Sarah x

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