Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Today's outfit features my new Primark Longline Blazer. I absolutely love this item and had to travel to Dublin to get it! The outfit is pretty much all Primark with the exception of the jeans which are from RiverIsland. The weather here in Ireland has been pretty gloomy for the past few days so I have gone back to basics in all black. I defiantly feel most comfortable in black as I feel that it can look ultra chic with minimal effort. Both the blazer and the top are a sort of crepe material and hang really nicely on the body. The thing i love about this outfit is that all the pieces are super affordable yet it has an expensive feel! I also added the silver socks to add a subtle pop! I wont be able to link the items as they are all from Pennys but they are all recent purchases so should still be available in stores! 

Thank you for checking out my blog!

Sarah x

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  1. Love this post, your pictures are very pretty :)

    Amie @dimplebug.com