Friday, July 4, 2014

Americana Baby

4th of July

So I myself am not American and I can't say I know many Americans but I thought I would still pay tribute to the land that brought us gems such as, McDonald's, True Blood and American Apparel to name a few. I wanted to keep the outfit simple and not too fussy so that you can still get along with your everyday errands without looking like a walking piece of American memorabilia! I feel that this outfit is perfect no matter where you live, just a classic white tshirt and jeans look with a pop of red on the lips to symbolize the colours of the American flag, keeping it subtle not showy. Switch out the jeans for a pair of vintage Levi cutoffs if you live in a warmer country or add a jean jacket in a darker denim to keep warm.
Happy 4th of July!! 

Sarah x

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