Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Foundation For Freckles

Let me begin by saying that I am in no way a beauty expert and that in general makeup is not really something that I play around with too much! I'm not one for dramatic eyes or outrageous lip colours I prefer a more natural look, but if there is one thing I know a little something about its foundation! Firstly I have oily/combination skin and as the title would suggest freckles...Lots of Freckles! Not the kind that only come out in the summer oh no my freckles last all year long and cover pretty much my entire face. I have over the years become a little more comfortable in my own skin and grown to like them however they do cause a bit of bother when it comes to foundation. Nevertheless throughout the years I have tried and tested a number of different foundations (mainly drugstore brands) and I have found a few that I love!

1. L'oreal True Match
This foundation has to be hands down one of my favourite drugstore foundations. It has a very light consistency and gives light to medium coverage but is defiantly buildable. It also has a slight powdery texture so that it doesn't look too oily on the skin. Recently I have been using the L'oreal Lumi Magique foundation which is in my opinion very similar in formulation except that it is a tad more luminous on the skin as the name would suggest but overall the two are practically identical. The reason I love this foundation so much is because it is lightweight, this being one of the main qualities I look for in a foundation. Heavier foundations tend to make me look rather cakey. 

Available here 

2. Clinique Superbalanced Makeup

This foundation is a bit more on the pricey side but I love it none the less. Again this foundation is lightweight but buildable to a medium coverage. I would recommend to those of you out there with freckles and pale skin to go with a foundation a shade darker than your natural skin colour to avoid making your freckles look ashy, using a lightweight foundation also helps this! 

Available here

3. Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream

This is the first CC cream that I have tried so I cant say that I am all too educated in the field however I do really like this particular product. Again it is lightweight and buildable. It does leave the skin looking slightly oily and as for the colour correction part I am not too sure whether it does in that department! However it odes have SPF15 which is great for those of us with pale skin! 

Available here

4. Revlon Nearly Naked 
This is my most recent purchase but I am already really liking this foundations it has all the qualities I look for in a foundation without leaving my skin too oily looking, although I still apply a pit of powder around my T-zone as that area can be particularly problematic for me! I apply this foundation with my real techniques expert face brush and smooth the look out with the Miracle Complexion Sponge as I do with all my foundations and it fives me a pretty flawless look! 

Now having gone through my favourite foundations and thrown in a few tips and tricks here and there I thought I would just quickly touch on foundations that I feel are best avoided! Firstly most heavy coverage foundations just don't work for me they tend to make my freckles look ashy and just give me a cakey look without even applying much product. I find that Revlons Colourstay and MAC foundations (bar Face and Body) are just too heavy for my skin. There's no point in trying to completely cover your freckles especially if your a freckle face like myself, you're better off concentrating on colour correction and adding a bit of concealer if you rally need to cover something up! I am also not a fan of the Revlon Photoready as this foundation almost has fine glitters in it that make it look like there is too much going on on my face if that makes any sense! 
Anyways I hope this helped some of you out! As always thank you for checking out my blog.

Sarah x

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